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Arda Wigs Canada -> Vega Theatrical Supplies FAQ

Posted on 01 August 2023

The Arda Wigs Canada team is pleased to announce that we’ll be shifting to an independent retailer on September 1st 2023!
Vega Theatrical Supplies was born in order to further tailor the Canadian costume supplies shopping experience. Vega will bring you the same quality products (Arda Wigs and more!), and devoted customer service and warehouse team, only there will be a few changes! Never fear! We’ve put together an FAQ to ease any confusion or worry you may have! If there’s anything we haven’t answered below, please email us at info@ardawigscanada.ca (that hasn’t changed yet!)

We’re so excited for you to Shine Bright with Vega Theatrical Supplies!


What is “Vega”?
Vega is the brightest star in the summer sky! Our mission here at Vega Theatrical Supplies is to help you shine as bright as possible and prepare you for everything from the convention floor to the theatre stage!

When does Arda Wigs Canada officially become Vega Theatrical Supplies?
The website switchover will happen in the next few weeks, and will be finalized on September 1st 2023. Please note that all our handles and email addresses will be changing in that time and we will release notices along the way! All emails sent to the “ardawigscanada” domain will, at that time, be rerouted to us!

Will you still carry Arda Wigs?
Absolutely! We will continue to primarily carry the Arda Wigs brand!

Will you still be carrying Lumin's Workshop?
We will carry our current stock of Lumin's Workshop until it sells out!

Will Warehouse Pick-Up still be available at the same location?
Yes! Warehouse Pick-Up will still be available at the 102 Breithaupt St Kitchener, Ontario location. Local Warehouse Pick-Up is available on Fridays, from 3 to 5pm EST. If a public holiday falls on a Friday which results in our warehouse being closed, we will announce adjusted pickup availability accordingly.

What new brands and products are you looking to bring in?
We are not looking to introduce new brands at the moment, but being an independent retailer gives us the flexibility to do so!

Will I still be able to use my Arda Wigs Canada Gift Cards and Vouchers?
Arda Wigs Canada Gift Cards and Vouchers will always be valid for use on Vega Theatrical Supplies, as long as they are not expired. We will be functioning on the same Shopify backend, and therefore will not lose any legacy information regarding orders, Gift Cards, Vouchers etc. Please note that Vega Theatrical Supplies will not be selling Gift Cards.

Will I still be able to access my account and see my past orders?
Yes! Your Vega Theatrical Supplies account login credentials will be the exact same as your current Arda Wigs Canada account! You’ll still have access to all your Arda Wigs Canada orders you’ve made on your account.

Will shipping options change?
In short, yes. The cost of our shipping options will not change, however, we will no longer be able to ship/deliver packages to the United States of America. Vega Theatrical Supplies will ship within Canada and Internationally, but not to the USA. Please shop with Arda Wigs USA if you are located in the United States of America.

Will the website/social media accounts change?
Yes! We have a brand new colour scheme and branding, as well as new domains that will be live soon. If you type or search “ardawigscanada.ca”/”Arda Wigs Canada” we will still come up, to avoid any confusion! Some other sections of the website will change as well. For example, we will no longer host “Arda Wigs Suggestion Guides” and many old blog posts will be hidden. Pages like the Tutorials page and the Arda Wigs Canada Youtube will still exist, as we want our customers to be informed and still be able to access all that valuable information we put together for you! We will also be archiving many Instagram posts and starting fresh.

Are you firing your staff and hiring a new team?
No! Our dedicated customer service and warehouse team are staying exactly as they are! We’re all excited for the shift into independence and are delighted to share steeper discounted sales and our own new creative branding with you!

My photo/content was used by Arda Wigs Canada for an ad/banner and/or I signed a sponsorship contract specifically with Arda Wigs Canada, does Vega Theatrical Supplies have use of my photo(s)/content?
This is a tough one! If your photo won a Banner Contest hosted by Arda Wigs USA, then no, Vega Theatrical Supplies can no longer use your photo without new express permission, and we will be removing any instances of these effective August 15th 2023. If you signed a sponsorship contract with Arda Wigs Canada specifically outside of a contest, then Vega Theatrical Supplies will still own use of your photos/content (as the contract was bound with the legal company owner, who has not changed). However, out of respect, we will not be using photos/content collected under contract without new permission granted.

I’m an Arda Wigs Canada Affiliate, do I get to keep my shareable discount code?
We’ll be contacting current Arda Wigs Canada Affiliates with all new shareable discount codes soon!

Will Vega Theatrical Supplies be attending and/or sponsoring events?
Vega Theatrical Supplies may attend local events and conventions coming up, however, please note that the booth and experience will be much smaller and a lot different than Arda Wigs Canada’s was. We would be happy to sponsor event contests with supplies packs, but not gift vouchers as we have in the past.

Has something negative happened between Arda Wigs Canada and Arda Wigs to incite this change?

Not at all! Arda Wigs has given us their blessing to become an independent retailer so that we can further tailor the Canadian shopping experience. Both teams wish the other nothing but success!

Thank you for your years of support and we hope you stick with us through this change!
Shine Bright!
- Arda Wigs Canada / Vega Theatrical Supplies Team

These terms may not be accurate as of 3/01/2024

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